Easter Ideas



Colorful easter ribbon by photo by Petr Kratochvil.

We usually get my daughter a few things at Easter in addition to candy that the bunny brings. She has her basket, and then we fill a small bucket or pail.  Here are some suggestions for Easter gifts. I am not as good with boy ideas, so add some in the comments if you have better suggestions.

  • Wal-Mart had special Easter Hot Wheels and inexpensive mazes, jacks and bubble sets.
  • Target has lots of Easter gift sets from Barbie, Puppies in My Pocket, Littest Pet Shop etc.
  • Kids love post-it notes, and I saw a big, decorative cube from Big Lots. 
  • Coloring and activity books from the dollar store are always fun.  They have crossword puzzle’s and Sudoku for older kids.
  • My older niece loves gift cards. I am thinking Target, iTunes, or a store like Claire’s would make her happy.
  • We always love new magic markers or crayons.
  • The egg-shaped sidewalk chalk or a new container of bubbles are perfect for spring.
  • DVDs and video games fit easily in baskets, and can be targeted toward the age and sex of your child.
  • A new book is always appreciated.
  • Consider a toothbrush that plays music or even an electric toothbrush to help with all that candy.
  • Small portable electronic games, travel-sized games, or card games should fit in a basket or bucket. 
  • Depending on how much you spend, Easter is the perfect time for that bike, scooter, pair of roller blades or roller skates, basketball, jump rope or other outside activity.

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