Tooth Fairy Gifts

We have had two visits from the Tooth Fairy, and they have been pretty magical. She left gold dollar coins, and a note. It was pretty cool, but not nearly as cool as what she left at this house – coins from other countries!

It is a little bit pricey at $36, but it is very unique and teeth aren’t cheap.  According to the Tooth Fairy Secret’s webpage:  The Tooth Fairy’s Secrets is a magical set of tooth fairy poems and money from around the world. Each time your son or daughter loses a tooth, the Tooth Fairy replaces the lost tooth with one of the coins under their pillow. With each coin is a poem written by the Tooth Fairy describing the particular country’s tooth loss traditions and how she uses her magic to reach the fallen tooth! The next morning your child will wake up to a very special gift under the pillow, to be treasured and saved in a beautifully crafted Tooth Fairy box.

I’ve heard of kids getting up to $20 per tooth. How much do your children, nieces, nephews and friends get for their teeth? I don’t remember how much the Tooth Fairy left me, so it must not have been a huge childhood milestone. I do remember the fear and dread of losing each tooth. My sister wanted to pull them for me, and I wanted NO part in that. Heck, losing teeth is pretty traumatic, and loose teeth are pretty disgusting. Our daughter goes around trying to get people to feel how loose her teeth are, and it is nasty! Ugg!

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