Earth Day

Earth Day Graphics

Whether you celebrate Earth Day, or find it a strange, hippy holiday, kids love it. Find some coloring pages here. Last year, we signed up for curb-side recycling on Earth Day. I suggest you sign up a few weeks early, and avoid the rush if you aren’t already recycling.

Here are a few things you can do this year to celebrate Earth Day.

1. Eliminate excess mail. Limit your catalogs here, and company soliciations here.

2. Share a good story about the earth with your kids. Dr. Seuss’s book The Lorax is one of the $5 books at Kohl’s right now. It is a good story about what happens when we take the world for granted.


3. It might sound dumb, but buy less. If you need a special cake pan, or an ice cream maker, ask your friends if you can borrow theirs.  I had a perfectly good ice cream maker in my garage that broke due to lack of use and improper storage. Obviously I never used it, but I have a strange, buy-based  desire to run out and replace it. 😉

4. Plan your car trips. Back when gas was $5 a gallon, I did less, and got more accomplished on each trip. Now that gas is back down in price, don’t abandon all your cost-saving measures.

5. Visit your library, video store or Redbox location. My daughter always wants to see whatever movie is advertised on The Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. They convince her that she needs to own it, when she really just want to see it. Not only does that save money, it also saves space in my home and allows more than one person to enjoy the same DVD. Consider doing a movie swap with friends. You can always get your movies  back, but everyone doesn’t need to own everything.

6. Organize a book swap. I’m getting together a big pile of books that need a new home and going to have friends over to pick and choose what they want. They get summer reads. I get summer reads. The books are recycled . No one spends any money. That is a good day.

I will post a few more things as it gets closer to the date.

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