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Life is too hectic, and while I am pretty good with a schedule, the recycling pick up is kicking my tail. Our garbage day is Friday. Our recycling pick up is every OTHER Tuesday. You try to keep up with that one without a month’s worth of glass, paper, and plastic building up. This is where you can get Cozi. is a FREE, family organizer website.

I will be honest, I can’t use all the perks, because I don’t have my whole family on it with me. I’ve been a member for about a year, and I use Cozi to send me a weekly text reminder 30 minutes prior to ballet so we are not late. I also text a list for Sam’s Club, so I will have it with me on my phone next time I shop. Also, I just set up a text reminder for every other Monday night so that I will remember to set out the recycling. Problem solved for the time being. 😉

Cozi offers a family calendar, and all appointments are color-coded by family member. You can make lists and have them text  to your phone, sent to your email or sent to other members on your Cozi team. You can have a text sent to your ex-spouse every other week reminding him to grab the soccer bag. There is also a family journal blog, but I don’t use it. Sign up, and get cozy with Cozi!

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