It’s all in the bag.

I thought once your children reached a certain age playing the waiting game would get easier. While my daughter is a bit less squirmy, she still isn’t good with waiting. I have decided to make a waiting bag for car. I am including a 3-ring notebook, for baring down on, and print games, mazes, coloring pages and word searches off the internet. I will then 3-hole punch them and put them in the notebook. I have a zipper pouch with new colored pencils, because they won’t melt, even in August, a regular pencil, and a small pencil sharpener. I put this bag in the car with a few snacks, like goldfish, a pack of gum, a  few suckers and maybe a juice box. Some sort of hand sanitizer is also a good call, and if I was super smart, I would put a book for her, and a book for me in the bag. What else you add depends on where you are waiting.

Cozi had an article about games you can play in the waiting room. You can find it here. ***Plaid bag from L. L. Bean. You can buy it here.

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