Silver Hodgepodge

I know very few people who have enough silver dinner ware for a crowd. Mix and match easily with this vintage, monogrammed silver. Various utensils of silver-plate are purchased from estates, garage sales, antique stores, and pretty much any where else they can pick it up. It is then sold in sets of twenty pieces, and no two pieces are alike. This is the perfect thing to compliment your various silver sets, or an affordable way to get silver. Twenty pieces costs $170, so it is much more reasonable than new silver sets.

Here is what Napa Style’s website says in the description:

Rustic and refined, old and new, elegant and casual: I love contrasting flavors at the table, so our monogrammed antique silverware is one of my favorite ways to truly personalize a party, big meal or gathering. Just like your guests, each piece is one-of-a-kind – brought together by a single, elegant, unifying mark. As a perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries and housewarmings, choose one initial and we’ll have it cleanly stamped on the handle of each piece. The utensils are genuine silver-plated and up to 90 years old – gathered from estate sales, vintage markets and antique stores all over the US and Europe. All pieces are cleaned and newly polished to perfection. Hand wash for best preservation. No two pieces will match; patterns and dimensions will vary.

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