Best Deal on Magazines

Which magazines do you have to have? I don’t want to admit to the number of magazines that come to our house each month. I came up with 11 off the top of my head. Why do I get so many magazines? Well, when I did my professional blogging I felt it was very important to keep up with the trends, and they were free. Back in the good economy days, magazine companies gave subscriptions away to make their circulations larger for ad sales. This doesn’t happen much anymore. Ten magazines I received five years ago are no longer in publication.

What does Magazine Price Search have to do with this? Well, if you are looking for a magazine subscription, they will search the web and get you the best price. The site breaks it down by issue, so you will know if a one-year or multi-year subscription is your best price. I have always received the magazines I ordered, but it may take a few months to get your subscription in to the company, and you caught up with the mailing.

Another great cheap magazine site I check out often is Best Deal Magazines. Best Deal Magazines has a lot of great subscriptions for less than $5 a year. They also do not charge shipping and handling or other hidden fees. What magazine do you have to have, and what are you willing to pay for it?

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