Consignment Shoe Shopping

I buy a lot of used children’s shoes. It probably started with my niece’s hand-me-downs. Dress shoes, for example, have little wear, so I hate spending $50 on them. I usually shop the pre-sale when possible. At most pre-sales, you have to leave your children at home. What’s a mom to do?  You can trace your child’s foot on paper and cut it out. That makes it a lot easier to know if the shoes are close in size. I try and stick with brands I know, and it is important to know your child’s foot. Does your child have a fat foot, thin foot, wide foot or narrow foot? All of these traits come in to play if you are going to buy shoes that fit. Look for things you might need in the near future. Rollerblades, dance shoes, cleats and other specialty shoes are usually cheap at sales, and are expensive to buy retail. I have bought many pairs of ballet and tap shoes for $2 – $3 a pair. If the shoes don’t fit, you can donate them to charity or put them back in another sale. I have had plenty of failures, especially before I traced feet and brought them with me,. One season, I purchased three similar pairs of sandals to find one that would fit. I think only one pair ended up fitting that year, but I was only out $8, and I usually had friends that could use the other pairs.

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  1. Andrea · August 9, 2010

    Thank you!! Your articles are always so timely. Becca needed new shoes. I was going to head to the outlets this afternoon. Instead we went to a consignment store. I got her a pair of sneakers and casual shoes for $8! I am also loving the Cozi calendar. My husband really like the fact he can check the calendar any time even from his blackberry.

    My trip to the consignment store got me thinking about what I can sell on my next trip.

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