Family Calendar? How do you do it?

My husband and I share a Google calendar that sends reminders to both of our cell phones. That is working fine, and it especially works for him, so that is all that really matters. I like the Cozi calendar better. It has more features and is more user-friendly in my opinion. Cozi has also  teamed up with The Fly Lady to add all her organizing with all Cozi’s reminding assets. Does your family have one main kitchen calendar?

One comment

  1. Andrea · November 29, 2010

    We love Cozi! My husband and I use it exclusively. We can access it from our smart phones which is a huge bonus. I print a copy of the weekly view and post it on the refrigerator once a week. In addition to having each family member identified on the calendar I also created two fictious people called “Sitter” and “Car Pool”.

    I didn’t know The Fly Lady had teamed up with Cozi. I’ll check that out!

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