Garden and Gun

Even though I don’t garden or gun, I love this magazine. Think of it as Southern Living back when your subscription cost more to mail it out of the South.  This month they have an article about truffle hunting at Blackberry Farms. There is also a feature in skiing the North Carolina High Country. Did you know there was a French-Swiss Ski College? Read about that here.

A fun article about a bourbon magazine founded by a bunch of fraternity brothers in Kentucky.

And my favorite, The Urban Gun Dog. This is a great antidote about having a hunting dog in the city. They always have an article about a great hunting dog.

This is a great southern magazine. They have travel suggestions, cooking, gardening and articles about just being southern in a regular world. I think Harper Lee and Pat Conroy probably read this magazine. Garden & Gun is less than $20 for 6 issues. Check out their website, but this is a great addition to your magazine collection and makes a great gift.

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