Disney Discussion – Hotel

We just got back from Disney a few weeks ago, and as frequent vacationers, I am interested in your opinions on a few Disney related things.

My first thoughts are on pre-trip planning. Where do you stay? As an adult, we have always stayed on Disney property. Do you stay on-site, or do you have a great deal or nicer accommodations around Orlando?

We stay on property because the Disney transportation system is so much better than doing it on your own. Off-site is less expensive, and probably nicer accommodations, but you have to pay to park and almost all of the hotels are 25 plus minutes off the property.

Which resort? The resort you stay at will depend on a few things. First, your budget. Hotels at Disney are not cheap, but if you are used to staying in hotels it helps with the sticker shock. Do you travel a lot? Are you used to seeing rates of $150-$300 a night on a hotel in a destination spot.  If your normal vacation involves staying with friends, camping or true value hotels, there is some sticker shock. If you go skiing, on cruises, rent vacation homes etc.,  Disney is not as expensive as you might have heard.

We have stayed a variety of places, and for the most part, I have heard good things about all of them. The upscale resorts have queen-sized beds. All others have double beds. That might make your decision. 😉

Consider where you are spending most of your time. If you have little kids, you might want to pick a hotel close to the Magic Kingdom. If you don’t have little kids, it doesn’t matter as much since they don’t fall asleep on the bus on the way home. If the beds don’t bother you, remember you don’t spend a lot of time you your room. Where have you stayed, and what did you think about it? What are the hotels around Downtown Disney like? Did you feel like you got the complete experience?

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