Lucky Crochet

Ok, so I mentioned the heart garland a few weeks back here, but they also had some nice shamrocks. The Skip To My Lou post included instructions to use a “small amount of worsted weight yarn”. Worsted weight yarn is your traditional afghan yarn. Nothing wrong with it, but not the cute, cotton stuff you would use for t-shirt embellishment or hair clips. Off I went to the craft store to look for some nice, inexpensive, green, cotton yarn. It proved impossible. The pretty green stuff was $7 or more. The stuff on sale wasn’t anywhere near the shade of green I wanted, so I compromised. I don’t remember how much this cost, but it was reasonable. For this project, it isn’t really critical.

So here is what all the clovers look like after crocheting, but before fixing their tails. Some have big open centers and others are “better” looking, but I have enough for a few projects. The dark green ones use worsted weight yarn and the light green shamrocks are cotton yarn.

I picked this shamrock for M’s hair clip.

I did a quick glue job, and off it went to school.

Sorry the color is so bad on these pictures. The green is pretty much a color that doesn’t exist in photo-editing. By next year I hope to be using embroidery thread and have some stuff made for shirts!

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