What’s The Deal?

I subscribe to all the half-off deal sites, and I have bought lots of great deals. They are a great way to save money and try new things.  I have purchased pedicures, dinners, a half price birthday party for my daughter, painting classes, photo books  and a museum membership for a great price.

While you can get great deals, you can also get yourself in trouble. Here are some suggestions to make the best of your deals.

Rule One:

Is this something I want or need? Sure it is a great deal on sky diving, but will you use it? Coupons don’t make great gifts, so don’t buy deals for other people just because you think they might want them.

Rule Two:

Read the fine print. Is this available only at one location? The Moe’s deal here was only available at one franchise, and that is no where near our house. Some things are only available for certain days or certain items. Some deals expire much sooner than others. Some deals require more from you. The trip bargains sometimes require you sitting through a time-share presentation. This might end up costing you thousands of dollars if you aren’t careful.

Rule Three:

After you buy, be sure and print your certificates. This sounds like a no-brainer, but in a month you won’t remember if your purchase was on Living Social, Groupon or some other deal site. I put all my printed certificates in a binder, and I put all the emails regarding purchases in one email folder.

Rule Four:

Write all expiration dates on your calendar. I also put a reminder of the expiration date a few weeks out on my electronic calendar. It will send me an email reminding me that the deal I bought last November is about to expire.

Do you have any other helpful tips? What great deals have you purchased on a daily deal site?

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