Freezer Recipes

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With school, sports, church, scouts, lessons and all the other activities life gets so crazy. I am considering dinner my back-to-school homework, and I’m working hard to be prepared.  I came across this fabulous site the other day, and only now have had time to explore it. The blog is called Chaos In The Kitchen. It is a nice blend of homemade food recipes that seem to be things my family would actually eat. The blogger, Katie, cooks common things, like bagel bites,  but cooks a homemade version. This is nice for both families that need to save money and families that want more real food options. 

This particular post  is about things you can keep in your freezer to have ready to eat. We run into this problem a lot. It is 5:00, and I haven’t cooked dinner. My choices are frozen raw chicken, raw hamburger meat or some highly processed other option, oh, and delivery. I used to have things stored so I could at least thaw cooked chicken and cooked hamburger meat.  That was a huge help! My goal for August is to menu plan lunches and dinners. That sounds obvious, but I didn’t do it regularly last year. Anyone want to plan with me?

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