Back-To-School Schultüte 2011

One of my favorite times of year, the Back-To-School Schultüte. Think of it as a stocking that your kids know came from you instead of Santa Claus! My daughter got hers last year and this year on the first full day of school. Our first day is a half day, and I always have a ton of things to finish up in that short amount of time…so we do it the first full day of school.

Made with one sheet of poster board and wrapping paper.

Start with a sheet of poster board and glue or tape it into a cone. Cover the paper with wrapping paper. This is the easiest way to  cover something that size.

Fill with fun and cheap things you have picked up over the past few months, or grab some stuff. I go through the house stash. The little boxes were $.50 at Staples a few weeks ago. I filled them with chewy nerds. I always put Smarties in there. I picked up the highlighters on sale. Last year I put cute little erasers and pencils. There are some bath soaps I picked up 90% off at Pier One. And some free lip gloss from Walgreen’s or CVS. My daughter is really digging Barbies right now, so she got a Barbie from my birthday stash I bought off the clearance aisle at least a year ago.

The best part of the Back-To-School Schultüte is that it is from you. You can put things they know you purchased in it. You can put things from around the house. You can grab a few things from the gift closet, it just doesn’t matter. 🙂

My first post about Schultute is here, and here is M enjoying hers from last year.

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