Pin It!

If you haven’t discovered Pinterest yet, hang on because you will lose hours and hours of your life. Think of it as more when you discovered the internet, not when you signed up for Facebook. Pinterest is virtual bulletin board. You see something you like on a webpage or a blog and you can pin it to your board to find again later. A good example is a crock pot potato soup recipe I saw back when it was WAY to hot to think about soups. I put it on my food board, and when I needed it I found it again in two seconds. This rarely happens when I book mark or even print things I find on the internet.

The community aspect is that you can look at the things other people pin, and this is where you lose hours.  My friend is an excellent cook. Any time she posts a recipe, I have to check it out. I am amazed at other’s talents in crafts, decorating, photography and enjoy inspirational quotes. When you find something you like, you can re-pin it on your board. So I have a whole board of birthday party ideas for my daughter’s party in February. They are different themes depending on the direction she wants to go. Don’t get me started on the Christmas and Fall ideas. View my boards here:

Anyone can look at Pinterest, but you can only post things if you get an account. Request to join, and you usually get accepted in hours. I think they are trying to manage their servers so they aren’t overwhelmed with requests.

I found this quote on

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