Chef Boyardee Recipes

I recently hosted a House Party (from for Chef Boyardee. House Party is a website that asks you to invite some friends over for a party in exchange for them sending you samples and products to share. It is a great website. The very best way to enjoy is to have a group of friends that sign up for the parties and if one of you wins, all of you come. We’ve had Shutterfly, Cannon Color Printer, Just Dance 2, and Ball Canning parties just to name a few. Chef Boyardee has new recipes and you use cans of their products to make other dishes. When I first saw the application for the party, I thought they had a new line of frozen foods. Nope, the were recipes, and you can view all their recipes here.

 I was a bit skeptical honestly, and my friends have a more refined pallet than canned pasta. I had a back-up dinner in case everyone hated it, but everyone said the Ravioli Lasagna was good, and they even got seconds. I seriously doubt we will make these recipes again. We liked them, but prefer to use fresh ingredients. With that said, if I needed a quick meal, many of the ingredients I keep on hand, and they were better than the stuff right out of the can. Cans at Walmart were $.98, so that is cheaper than meat for a protein. Take a look at the recipes, and if your family eats a lot of dinners cooked by the Chef, you will probably enjoy them.

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