Hot Stuff

We all know how quickly a cup of coffee sitting out gets cold. Depending on what temperature you like your coffee, it can be a nuisance or a problem. Someone came up with a solution, and the solution was Coffee Joulies. This product cools down hot coffee, and maintains the temperature at 140 degrees longer. Besides the fact that the Joulies are a neat product, I love that they used to make their dream a reality.

 According to their website, you “pop a few Joulies into your coffee as soon as it’s poured. The hotter the coffee, the more energy Joulies can absorb, and the longer they can keep your coffee the right temperature.” This is a nice gift for the coffee drinkers on your Christmas list. I would have loved having these when my daughter was little. I put hot coffee in a travel mug. It was initially too hot to drink, but cold by the time I remembered my coffee and got back to it. They cost around $40, but are made out of stainless steel and should be around for a long time.

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