Fancy Drinks

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When most people think about fancy drinks, you think about alcoholic drinks, but that doesn’t have to be true. Coffee houses have been adding flavors for years. Serve the same fancy drinks at home by adding Torani flavorings. This time of year buy some chai tea spice, peppermint or gingerbread for your home or your customers. I’ve been adding cinnamon to my coffee for weeks, and it is delicious!

They sent me a recipe book and some free coupons! Comment on this post with your email address and you can be entered to win a coupon for a free bottle of syrup. These make great drinks for parties. Add some red raspberry to lemonade for your next kids party. Who says adults have all the fun!

Visit for your own shopping experience or find your local store here. World Market carries them locally.


  1. Andrea · December 1, 2011

    Where do you find them? I love flavored coffee.

    • Elizabeth · December 1, 2011

      World Market has them in all their stores. I have been putting cinnamon in my coffee. Yum!

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