Random Gifts

So what were your favorite gifts to give and receive? Over the past year I have given this jewel to most of the men in my life.

Gardman R619 24-Gallon 23-Inch x 18-Inch Value Pop-Up Garden Bin Spring Bucket

I know, what is it and why is it exciting? Well, it is a sturdy pop-up bin. Think portable trash can. Think gift toter. Think drink cooler when needed. I put all our Christmas presents that aren’t staying at our house in the bin Christmas morning. I go to relatives, I unload the gifts and then it is a trash can. After we are done opening, I empty the trash and load all our new presents back inside to haul home. It is perfect. You can also use it inside or outside with a black yard bag inside it for extra garbage at picnics and parties. The pop-up aspect keeps the trash all inside the container unlike regular trash bags. I’ve given a dozen or more of these away, and I see them in use at everyone’s home.

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