Sonic Snow Cones

One of the best treats of summer for kids and adults alike are snow cones. Kids love them, and kids love to make them. What I don’t like is another toy machine in my kitchen and the associated water mess that goes along with making them. This is where Sonic plays in to the equation.

If you live in an area that has Sonic, you know all about their pellet ice. It is this fabulous treat with their drinks, easily chew-able soft ice. People love it. There are tons of fan sites on Facebook about Sonic’s ice. The best part is they sell it by the bag at the restaurant. For approximately $2.00, you can take home your own bag.

I used it recently for a frozen lemonade recipe instead of crushed ice. It was better than serving over crushed ice. That gave me the bright idea that instead of buying a snow cone machine this summer, I can just pick up a bag of pellet ice when the mood strikes. Most of the big box stores sell the snow cone syrup and cups, so you are good to go without  the mess and frustration for all involved. Kids are happy, Mama’s happy. Win-Win.


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