Headband Explosion

The DIY oatmeal container headband storage was on my list of Pinterest things to do to help take control of my daughter’s headband collection. When I looked at the requirements, while simple, I realized there is no way I would ever use enough oatmeal to empty out the big container it requires. That is when I put on my thinking cap and came up with an inexpensive and easy solution.

After a visit to look for answers at the Dollar Tree I spied this tall canister. (I also saw a similar canister at Dollar General, but it was $3 instead of $1.) It looked perfect, and when I took it home it worked great. No scrapbook paper, oatmeal containers, spray paint or effort. That is the kind of project I like best.

Tall $1 canister from Dollar Tree.

Other side so you know you have picked the correct canister.

Canister with various headbands.

Nice deep area to put bows, fabric bands and other hair accessories.

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