No more pencils, no more books

Ok, school is almost out! Kids are happy. Parents are happy. Teachers are thrilled. It is a good thing. Take a few seconds now to organize things so that you know where they are in the fall.

Water bottles, jackets,  towels and other random items.

The last few weeks of school are a fun time. Between field day, class parties and field trips we have sent water bottles, towels, pillows,rain  jackets, umbrellas, DVDs and who knows what else.  Make sure you came home with any items you sent in or that the kids were given like class scrapbooks, yearbooks or photos.  Items from Lost and Found are donated that last week, so it is now or never. Take the time to think about what you took to school and it is usually worth a trip in to look around.

Lunch box

On the last days, if your child takes their lunch to school, find the time to locate their lunch box and clean it out. If you don’t, you will realize that smell is the lunch box now under the seat of your car with a half-eaten apple and a random carton of milk still inside. Wash the lunch box, and put it some where you can find it or go ahead and give it away.


Find their back pack and go through it. Teachers send home “the nice stuff” they saved all year the last days of school. It isn’t so nice when it sits crumpled in a backpack all summer. There might be notices about camps, parks and other local summer activities you will find interesting. There also might be food. Kids tend to have lots of parties those last days of school. You can’t count on your kid not putting left-overs in their backpack for later and you not finding them to Fall.

 School Supplies

Look now for things like their pencil box, pencil sharpener, scissors and other items you need every year that disappear over the summer. We have about four pairs of Fiskar’s scissors somewhere in this house, but I have to buy a new pair because we can’t find them in time to make the school list.

Calendar and next year’s supply list

Find out when school starts again and see if they have any general supply lists. Put them in your calendar for August or September. That way, you can hit the sales and plan accordingly.

Have a great summer!

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