Pinterest Try It: Lip Gloss From Drink Packet

Mission: Find a fun, easy, age-appropriate activity for our slumber party. We found this  lip gloss recipe from Chisel Beauty via Pinterest. Here is her photograph.

It looked fun and fairly easy. Combine petroleum jelly and drink mixes…what can go wrong? Well, a few things. First off, I needed small containers that closed with a lid. I found really cute pink ones in a pack of four at Hobby Lobby in the bead section. Second, you need petroleum jelly. I got mine at the Dollar Tree. It needs to be unscented traditional petroleum jelly. It shouldn’t be baby scented, whatever that means, or creamy. You want plain Vaseline. The container was four-ounces and we needed to fill five one-ounce containers. I bought two.  Third you need drink mixes. As per the example, I purchased Hawaiian Punch Lemon Berry, also from Dollar Tree. We were ready to go.

I had seen other examples on Pinterest, so at the last minute I started looking to see more complete instructions. I found these from Emily M Meyers’ blog. They were more helpful. They had quantities and step-by-step instructions. I will let you read her instructions and just tell you a few things I learned.

I doubled the recipe, but that made a lot more than I needed. The math doesn’t work. Maybe heating it affected the quantity. Maybe it was four ounces by weight, not four ounces by volume regardless, we had plenty. You really need to get some fruit punch or cherry flavored. Something REALLY dark red to stain your lips. It might take more than three of these to make it work. Taste it. I let the girls taste it, and they loved it. Later when it was all said and done, I used some. It was still really grainy. I had heard having grains can be a problem. The solution is to heat the solution longer in the microwave and stir harder. It really makes a difference.  Here are pictures from my experience.

In conclusion, this was a fun, quick activity for our slumber party. I set it up before the girls, age 9, came down to help. I gave each girl some drink packets and let them pour them in to the glass measuring cup. They were really excited, and since this was new to them, fascinated that you could make lip gloss this easy at home. Older girls could do this by themselves. The most expensive aspect was the containers, and I think they were $2.99 for four. I am sure they are on sale all the time, I just needed them that day.

One comment

  1. Allie · August 13, 2012

    Thank you for reviewing this. Maybe Sarah Hazel and I can make some this week or next!

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