Help! I’m a room mom and it is Halloween.

If you are a room mom, and Halloween is your first adventure in planning a party, it is a lot easier. With the internet and Pinterest, you can search out a few great ideas and be done with it.  Here is a Pinterest Board from a Kindergarten room mom that has great ideas for all sorts of parties.

Some of my favorite ideas include the pumpkin oranges. You can either color on packages of mandarin oranges found here at Pimp My Dinner.

Or  color the actual oranges, found on Under Construction Blog. I love that she adds she will probably have to peel all the oranges at the party. That is such a mom realization.

Here is another option of a somewhat healthy treat. You layer crushed pineapple, mandarin oranges and top with whipped cream or whipped topping. Directions are here at The Butterfly Jungle.

Pumpkin Oreos don’t look too difficult for those of you that like to make candy. You can find all the details here on Oopsey Daisy Blog.

This frozen white chocolate banana ghost from Skinnytaste is a also an option. It might be harder to keep frozen, but they sure look cute. Directions are here.

These rice krispy pumpkins might take more time, patience and skill than I have right now, but I know the kids would love them. The directions are here on Grin And Bake It.

A Turtles Life For Me has these cute monster pudding cups that I will be taking to school. Directions are here.

Whatever you decide to make, I am sure it will be cute. Good luck!

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