Christmas Time Is Here

A great Random Act of Kindness this  time of year that helps you too is to take a little time to look around and find your annual donations. You know you need the tax-deduction, and the space. Start with your Christmas decorations. Every year I try and let a few things go. It isn’t all in style, functioning or practical anymore, so let it go!

Next, go to the guest closet and make a little room for the in-laws. It will look nicer, and leave you more space after the holidays to stash some new gifts. Clean the kids’ rooms out now. The non-profits might sell the stuff for Christmas gifts, and you will profit from less clutter, more room and getting rid of things you know needed to go. Get the kids involved. Tell them they need to get rid of at least three items they no longer play with to make room for the new stuff.

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