Birthday To Go


It is close to that time of year again. The girl’s birthday party. I am trying to find something fun, that doesn’t require ME to do much and is less expensive than our hosptial bill when she was born. It is amazing the cost per child on some of the nicer parties. It is big business.

Since we have a winter birthday, I am all about having it somewhere besides my home. When having a  birthday party outside your home, it is hard to remember all the things you need. Since we have a party coming up, and while putting together my list, I thought it might be helpful to share it.

  1. If your party is not in your house, do not use your home phone number as the only number on your invitation. Use your mobile number. It is horrible to come home to a message from a lost or sick guest after the party is long over.
  2. Bring candles. Often cakes don’t come with candles, or you forgot to grab the candles at the store. At best you might find a few used candles at the party place, and who wants to use those?
  3. Pack a lighter. Unlike when I was a child, everyone isn’t a lighter carrying smoker. We had a party once with twenty kids and not one parent had a lighter or matches.
  4. Bring your own cake server and knife. Just because they have a party room doesn’t mean they are prepared for your party. My baker dropped off a cake, and I had to send someone out for something to cut it with; luckily Party City was nearby.
  5. Hand sanitizer! Lots of party places aren’t set up for your guests to go to the bathroom or wash hands at the same time.
  6. Antibacterial wipes! If you are at the mall food area, it is nice to know the tables are clean.
  7. Napkins, plates, forks, spoons, ice cream scoops are all necessary.
  8. Cheap, disposable plastic table cloths. I think they have them at dollar stores, but some of those places don’t look like they have ever seen cleaner.
  9. Pen and paper – you always need to write down the gift list, and there is only so much room on the back of the receipt.
  10. Whatever the guests were supposed to bring. Is is a pool party? Bring extra towels. Is it at a jump place? Bring extra socks.
  11. Camera, memory card, extra battery, video camera or assign a friend to do all that and take pictures. Just make sure they know what they are doing. Some people don’t have any photography talent. They are always the one that  volunteer.
  12. Don’t forget the adults. Bottled water is always nice.

That is my quick list. What else have you been caught without at a birthday party?

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