American Girl Birthday Tea

For M’s 10th birthday, we had an American Girl Doll Tea. Since my daughter’s birthday is in February, it limits the number of girls we can invite to an inclusively inside party in our home. We had to keep it small and manageable. We invited 10 girls, and ended up having 7 show up. It was a prefect number. Small enough to contain, but large enough to be fun.

Immediately, the girls were excited with the table-setting. It included china, linens and silver. This is a real party, in a real house with photos taken by a real mom, so forgive the lack of professionalism. Each girl brought her doll and a few accessories. Some of our guests wore hats and gloves, but I didn’t put any special instructions in the invitation. I also included a note that said if you didn’t have a doll or special friend, we had ones you could borrow for the party. I didn’t want anyone to have any reason to feel bad or not to feel included.


We had peanut butter, peanut butter and jelly, and ham finger-sandwiches. Funny enough, one guest asked me if we had any jelly only sandwiches. Strawberries, blueberries, and grapes were the fruit choices. I found the heart-shaped strawberry-flavored marshmallows in the Valentine treats. In addition there were pretzels, heart-shaped sugar cookies, and white chocolate-dipped sugar wafers with sprinkles.


The activities were mainly from Pinterest. We made doll tutus. The supplies include tulle and terry pony tail holders. I highly recommend you use tulle by-the-spool. It costs more than tulle by the yard, but it is so much easier to cut. I measured out about eight inches of tulle and tied around 20 on the pony tail holder. You can find instructions here. The girls loved making them. I would have some extra strips of tulle just incase some girls need fluffier tutus.

I had a mailbox from the $1 aisle at Target for each girl. We didn’t end up doing anything fancy with the boxes. I just had them in a basket for each girl to take home.

I also found wooden picnic-style baskets at A. C. Moore for $1.19 each. I bought green gingham and used pinking shears to cut a table cloth. There again, I didn’t do anything really fancy with them. I just put the cloth in the basket and gave them out to the girls. Here is a similar basket. I bought some food-themed erasers and put them in the baskets. I also got some of the cloth treat bags and put all of this stuff in them.

Wooden baskets.

Food-shaped erasers.

Treat bags.

Only because it was after Valentine’s Day did I find these great “cakes” for the girls. I put these candles in mini-cupcake papers and put them on a serving tray.  I can’t even find anywhere to purchase these online, but another tutorial here shows you how to make cute cakes with tea lights, punches and scrapbook paper.

The girls left with quite a few fun things and were thrilled. Here is a link on Pinterest for Mini Food for 18-inch Dolls. I also have a page on Pinterest for all things 18-inch dolls. You can find it here.

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