Changing the World

I have had some convictions in my life towards missions and helping out in this world. I am highlighting a few of the organizations that have hit my heart in the past few months, and hope they will hit your heart and more importantly, your wallet.

Imagine being pregnant, or having someone you love ready to deliver and the lights go out in the hospital. It is dark. You are scared, in pain and possible in a life-threatening circumstance. If Americans deal with something like that it makes the news headlines. It usually involves some huge and tragic like a hurricane or massive snowstorm. Victims are interviewed on the news and paraded on the talk shows. Now imagine that is the norm. Every day in countries around the world, doctors face surgery and delivery without lights.

This article on highlights  Dr. Laura Stachel as she watched physicians in Nigeria performed an emergency cesarean section in the dark. 40,000 pregnant women in Nigeria die during childbirth every year. Luckily for Dr. Stachel, her husband was a solar lighting engineer. He worked with her to develop a solar suitcase. Read the article. It is fascinating. The best part is, a suitcase is $1500. That is a lot of money, but it isn’t unattainable for a church, youth group or organization.

solar solutions

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