Road Trip: St. Louis

St. Louis is a fairly easy trip for a lot of the country. We went to visit some friends, and went to a baseball game. St. Louis has a lot of fun things to do that are free. The first fun free thing we did was the FREE Anheuser-Busch Brewery tour.  It is a walking tour, so make sure the weather is willing and that you are all physically able to walk outside for about an hour.


Next we ate lunch at a local bottling plant called Fitz’s Soda Bar. (This is no where near the Brewery, but it is near the Zoo.) Fitz’s is located in a really neat community, and surprisingly they have a lot of seating, so the wait for lunch was only 20-30 minutes for a party of seven even though the place was packed. We ate the St. Louis specialty of fried ravioli. Yum! We were stuffed, but I wish we had room for a float. They looked amazing.


Next we went to the St. Louis Zoo. The zoo doesn’t charge admission, and while parking is expensive there are plenty of free spots in the area. They do make up their money by having shows that cost an extra fee and there are things to buy everywhere. Animals include sea lions, hippopotamus, and my favorite the two-month-old baby elephant. Fun for all.


We took in the air show at the Gateway Arch, but that was a special 4th of July show. We wanted to go into the arch, but since there were so many people on the grounds all the tours were sold out. Inside the basement of the arch there is a museum with displays you can check out for free. It costs


If the Cardinals are in town, take in a ball game. You can check out their schedule here. Like all ball parks, the tickets, food and drinks area all expensive. Busch Stadium will let your bring in a small, soft-side cooler, so consider that if you are bringing kids. You can bring non-alcoholic beverages including water and soda in open cups or in clear plastic bottles no larger than 2 liters. That is always helpful.

We didn’t make it to The City Museum, but I wish we could have gone. The museum is not a stuffy museum, but a wild ride. Literally they have a ten-story slide, a ball pit and about everything else your kids will love. Places like that make me nervous. I like to keep my hands on my kid, but it does look like a ton of fun. This article explains it better than I can.

We were there two full days, and had a blast. This is a fun road trip I recommend.

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