Reflections On The First Week Of School


Kindergarten with your first or only child is obviously the hardest letting go moment you have as a young parent. Preschool always sent home a cute little note telling us what happened every day, and we picked up at the door, so the I had face-time with the teacher. Once you get to the pick-up line, you don’t even see your teacher every day. It is so hard as a parent. You want to know what your child did, what is coming up tomorrow, do we need to bring anything, did she eat her lunch, does she have friends and all the other aspects of her life away that you have always known.

There are a few things you will have to get used to. The first one is that you will not know what happens in the classroom. You don’t get a little sheet that says “We had a great day!” anymore. You also will be told if they don’t have a great day. No news is good news with teachers.

You will learn more about what is going on with class if you volunteer. I know, you work and you can’t do it. Take a vacation day. Use your lunch. Work late. Do whatever it takes to volunteer as soon as possible. It will make you feel better, and let you connect with the teacher.

You have to let go. You have to realize that the world goes on even if you don’t know every detail. That is hard in our over-protective world. I am ultimately responsible for everything that happens to my child, but I can’t “get in there” at school. It is a hard balance.

Give yourself a few weeks. After the parent meeting, you will feel better about things. Right this second, your teacher is just struggling to survive the first few weeks of school. He/She will have more time for you once things settle down.

Some of you might not have any of these feelings or issues, but for others, it is all normal and it gets better. 😉

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