Fall Decorating

Football Wreath

This cute wreath caught my eye. I have never thought about putting an old football in the center of a wreath.  Turnstyle  Vogue had this cute picture. They didn’t have instructions or a better photo, so you will have to wing it. They found a vintage Oregon Ducks football to add to their Thanksgiving decor. What a great idea!


I also really like using Indian Corn for fall decorations. This outdoor wreath from Positively Splendid uses bows, grapevine and Indian Corn. She has great step-by-step instructions with pictures. I always find that extremely helpful. You can find Indian Corn at grocery stores or Walmart.


Your Cozy Home created this Indian Corn Vase for Connecticut Homes and Gardens. I had never heard of this website or magazine until today, but they have a lot of great ideas.


Your Cozy Home  also created this fall centerpiece out of a white pumpkin. I really like the addition of grapevine.

CTH&G Christmas 08-91

Here is another great wreath Your Cozy Home created that incorporates apples. I wouldn’t have thought about writing on real apples to display, but that is a neat inexpensive solution.

nut wreath copy

Your Cozy Home’s last great idea was this nut wreath. I have actually suffered having walnuts, acorns and various things that fall from tress in my yard and never really considered them anything but a pest. I just need to learn to make lemonade from lemons.

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