Elf On The Shelf Christmas Camp


He looks so cute and innocent. Are you tired of moving your Elf On The Shelf? Are you terrified your kids are going to find him in the box in January ready to go spend 11 months in the attic like all the rest of your Christmas decorations? Are you just ready to be done with it? Why don’t you mail your Elf to Christmas Camp? I will happily take your elf to my house and find a new use for him or her and let you gracefully off the hook. I can send a picture of your elf with all the other elves having all this fun and going to all the parties you have had to plan during the most stressful time of the year. Great way to explain to the kids that your elf has had to do too much work and needs a permanent vacation.

This is only slightly tounge-in-cheek. I am so glad I never bought an elf. I find their antics exhausting. The original point was to move him around the house and keep your kids behaving. Of course, as usual, some one had to take it to the EXTREME and with Facebook and Pinterest, post pictures and make everyone else feel horrible.  I don’t understand how, at the busiest possible time of the year, you are expected to remember, after bedtime when you are exhausted and have much better things to do, to throw a party or plan an activity for your elf. His behavior is pretty horrible, and if your kids did the kind of things you let the elf get away with, they would be on Santa’s Naughty List.

Pack him up, mail him off, explain it to the kids and seriously I will send a picture or two of your elf at camp and be done with it.


  1. RaeAnne · November 12, 2013

    I love this too E-beth!!! You may have just found one of your many callings!!! ❤

  2. Tracy in the Plains · November 12, 2013

    Love, love, love this idea! I’ve found that my elf takes even more away from the true meaning of Christmas. I even have him doing things like spelling out “Christ” with Christmas alphabet blocks (that’s about as creative and extreme as we get at our house with our elf). But truly, my trio can’t wait for December because of the stinkin’ elf! Now that’s a bit ridiculous, if you ask me. I’m considering switching to wise men on the hunt for Baby Jesus this year. It’s still something fun, silly, and creative, but the point is we’re looking for JESUS! Or I’ll do nothing at all. Haven’t decided yet. 😉

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