St. Patrick Decor

Most years I don’t even decorate or so anything for St. Patrick’s Day. It is shoved between Valentine’s Day and Easter, and 99% of the time we are on Spring Break from school. Easter is so much more important in our house that we often overlook March 17th as just another day of the week. This year we have extra time between the two holidays, so my green is coming out. And this Irish girl might even do a fun craft or two to get in the spirit. 

One thing I usually do is buy a Shamrock plant. Last year I found them cheap at Trader Joe’s, so if you have one of those nearby you might want to pick one up. You can usually find one at your local grocery store during this time of year, but they weren’t nearly as inexpensive as Trader Joe’s. The technical name is the Oxalis plant. I love this picture from Better Homes and Gardens. I used mine on as a table decoration, but they are fun put all over the place. Barbara Pleasant has this page about the care of your plants.



I really like this wreath from Etsy. It is a Boxwood wreath, which I usually consider a Christmas thing, but it is stunning for Spring also.



If you are the slightest bit crafty, these dish towels from Blue Cricket Design looked easy to make, and fairly inexpensive. Start looking for cheap dish towels.



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