Saint Patrick Treats

Now that my daughter is 11, this might be awesome or it might just generate the dreaded eye-roll. Either way, I think it is still fun to have some green pasta with parmesan cheese.



The Twisted Shamrocks are a perfect treat if you need to bring something to scouts or school. You can find them here at VTPinspiration.


If you have a few Sprites around, you can make these drink treats from Homemaking Hacks.


These Irish Potato Candies from Moms Who Think actually look like potatoes, but are not from Ireland and contain no potato according to Wikipedia. (Yes, I know you shouldn’t use it as a real source.)



I thought this old school potato candy would be fun to make with my daughter. She isn’t allergic to peanut butter, so we should be fine making these. I think she will be amazed that potatoes can make a sweet treat. This recipe is from You can find it here.



The Seven Year Cottage shared their fun Magically Party Mix. You can find the recipe here.



More tomorrow.

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