5 Inspirational Spring Flower Arrangements

I am ready for Spring. It has been a long, cold Winter. I loved this adorable bird cage with flowers inside from Home Talk. You can find it here.



Karin Lidbeck-Brent is one of my absolute favorite designers from magazines. When I looked through her work I actually found some photos I remembered tearing out of old issues of magazines.



How Does She makes this clever Spring wreath with lemons. I actually thought these were real items, but it is all artificial, so it should last a long time once you put it together.  You can find directions here.


I need to decorate more with my beautiful tea cups. They are inexpensive and you can find them at garage sales and thrift shops if you don’t have your own collection.  I have seen more cute things you can do with them.



This is inexpensive and beautiful. Cut tulips, jars, paper doilies and string. You can find it and others here at brit.co.



I really don’t think about just finding a container I love and sticking some sort of plant inside. Maybe I should. I get so much pleasure from http://juliasvitadrommar.blogspot.com. I don’t understand 99% of it, but it sure is pretty.





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