Pretty Table Designs

Easter is right around the corner, and I have found some lovely inspiration for my table.


This one is from House of Turquoise. 


 On Sutton Place has great instructions to make this nesting bunny.


I love tulips. The combination of tulips and Easter eggs are so cute.  These are from Your Home-Based Mom.


This natural cloche with a beautiful cross expresses the true reason for Easter, which is not bunnies and chocolate. It is from Dining Delight.



This simple arrangement uses Peeps and flowers. That looks easy enough for even a flower novice. This idea is from Bellalimento. 


Julia Usher designed this beautiful bowl of bunnies and daffodils. So beautiful.


If you have a trifle dish, you can put together this nice display from Midwest Living.



Blue is one of my favorite colors, and Jenny Steffens from Everyday Occasions incorporates all my favorites: pastel blues, brown eggs,  and daffodils.


Not everyone likes bunnies. This place setting from Better Homes and Gardens uses birds and gingham.



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