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Spring and Easter finds from World Market


I always try and get by World Market for holidays. They have some unique items that are not too pricey. Here are a few examples.

This cute wire basket has so much potential for Spring and Easter. $7.99 and free shipping.


This set of cute wooden polka dot eggs are one of my favorites for the season. I am a sucker for dots. $7.99 and free shipping.


How cute is this kid’s apron? $12.99 with free shipping.

Event 1: Cut Down Christmas Tree


We have horrible allergies, so I hate to admit we have to have an artificial tree. If we could have a real one, I would love to go to the farm and cut down my own tree. Like pumpkin patches and apple orchards, you can find a great local farm here.

I have heard there are a few rules for cutting your own tree. First, they always look smaller at the farm than they look in your house. You can see other suggestions here. That article also includes the tools you need to cut your tree down. I wouldn’t have thought to bring a blanket to wrap the tree in.