Personalized Viewmaster


Make your own view master slide for your family or friends. I think this would make an awesome wedding save the date or fun Christmas gift. The price list is here. Can you image how fun it would be for your kids to see pictures of themselves from vacation? Or “will you marry me” being the last question on the view master?


St. Patrick Decor

Most years I don’t even decorate or so anything for St. Patrick’s Day. It is shoved between Valentine’s Day and Easter, and 99% of the time we are on Spring Break from school. Easter is so much more important in our house that we often overlook March 17th as just another day of the week. This year we have extra time between the two holidays, so my green is coming out. And this Irish girl might even do a fun craft or two to get in the spirit. 

One thing I usually do is buy a Shamrock plant. Last year I found them cheap at Trader Joe’s, so if you have one of those nearby you might want to pick one up. You can usually find one at your local grocery store during this time of year, but they weren’t nearly as inexpensive as Trader Joe’s. The technical name is the Oxalis plant. I love this picture from Better Homes and Gardens. I used mine on as a table decoration, but they are fun put all over the place. Barbara Pleasant has this page about the care of your plants.



I really like this wreath from Etsy. It is a Boxwood wreath, which I usually consider a Christmas thing, but it is stunning for Spring also.



If you are the slightest bit crafty, these dish towels from Blue Cricket Design looked easy to make, and fairly inexpensive. Start looking for cheap dish towels.



Wasting Soap

Having kids around, we go through a ton of liquid soap. Bath and Body Works is the worst to let out a ton of soap with each squeeze. I really think the companies do this on purpose to make you buy more soap. It goes beyond just the waste of soap, it also takes more time to clean up because there are all these wads of soap left around the sink.  I saw a tip on Pinterest, my favorite resource, to put a rubber band around the top. The band takes up a lot of the space and limits how much soap, or hand sanitizer, comes out with each push. Obviously, if you need more you can use another squeeze. This is a great solution to any everyday problem.


Summer Trunks

Summer is right around the corner. We had a few days in the 80’s, so out come the shorts and flip-flops. If I have learned anything over the last ten years of parenting it is that I am never fully prepared for what summer brings. Because of that, there are certain things I keep in my car all summer long.


The first thing is sunscreen. You never know when you will decide to be out in the sun or forget your sunscreen. I keep last year’s bottle that is not expired, but it isn’t my brand new bottle for the pool. Think of this as your emergency back up. If you know you are going to be out in the sun all day you come prepared. Speaking of sunscreen, I always write the expiration date in big letters with a sharpie the day I buy it. It seems like after a summer’s worth of grease and grit that ink disappears.


The second thing in my car is a t-shirt for each kid, a pair of shorts, underware and a pair of cheap flip-flops. Some years I have also added an old swimsuit. Even if it doesn’t fit perfectly, it can still be worn under a t-shirt. Seems like often we find sprinklers, splash pads, creeks or some other water supply while we are out and about. If you have clothes in the car, you can always enjoy those fun watertunities as they arise.


The third thing I keep in the car during the summer is cheap towels. They can be old towels from your house or from the $1 section at Target. The towels don’t have to be nice and pretty, but often you want to sit down at the park, need a buffer between you and the sidewalk at a concert or just to use as a towel for drying off. We often use the towels to cover seat belt buckles and car seats from the hot summer sun.


Next I keep a mini-first aid kit. Band aids, neosporin, hydrocortozone creme, tweezers, and maybe a needle or a safety-pin cover most summer accidents. I also keep chewable allergy relief pills from Target and some chewable Tylenol. The allergy pills work for any reaction to grasses, pollen or stings. The Tylenol helps if there is pain from an injury. I tend to keep these in my purse instead of the car, but they are good things to have with you.


Lastly I try and keep sunglasses and a hat for each family member in the car. These are great for time outside or those days that the sun is bright and hurts your eyes. It seems like no one in my house keeps up with them and always ask for a pair.

I have heard if you have sandboxes or live near the beach baby powder is a lifesaver.  You can apply it to skin and it will dust off the sand keeping it out of the car. One of my friends makes all their kids take a water bottle every where all summer so they don’t buy drinks out all the time. Do you have any other summer trunk requirements?