About Elizabeth

As a former blogger for HGTV’s MarketPlace, it was my job to find unique, fun and fabulous items to share with my viewers. I am no longer blogging for HGTV, but many of my friends missed my finds. I decided to go out on my own and start a new blog of neat things, places and links to share.

One comment

  1. Resa Eastwood · June 13, 2011

    Hi Elizabeth…I’ve been a follower of your blog & website for a while now…fun stuff, cute idea! I recently started a new business with Lilla Rose (www.lillarose.biz/ResaRuth) and sell some totally fab hair accessories called flexi clips I thought you might want to “find”. One of my friends has a review and giveaway going on right now at http://crazyhomedaze.blogspot.com/2011/06/flexi-clip-giveaway.html if you’d like to check it out! Blessings, Resa Eastwood (a former Knoxvillian living in KC)

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