Easy Chicken Soup

So I have a basic chicken noodle soup I like to make. I just thought I would write it down so I have an easy way to share it.

2 boxes chicken stock

1 T garlic salt (or to taste)

1T thyme

1 diced onion

1 cup diced carrots

3 shredded cooked chicken breasts

Water to fill pan to make noodles

1 bag of egg noodles.

1 celery stalk

  1. Boil chicken breasts and shred. (You can use rotisserie chicken.) I usually do this in a separate pan.
  2. Boil water with carrots, onions and celery stalk and add egg noodles.
  3. Add to the noodles your chicken stock, garlic salt, thyme and chicken.


September 23, 2017

So I was fine and then I wasn’t. We all know we will get sick, but are you prepared for it? Lots of stuff going around this time of year once the kids get back in school and the temperatures change. Here is my list of sick must haves.

  1. Soup. Grab some cans of soup and keep them in the cabinet. I usually make it from scratch, but who cares when you are sick.
  2. Tissues with lotion. When your nose is running off your face, you want soft tissues. They also sell some tissues with Vicks in them.
  3. Puffs with Vicks AND lotion are nice when you are stuffy. You can find them here or at your local store.
  4. When your throat starts scratching you will want to have tea. My favorites are Twinings Pomegranate and Raspberry or Bigelow Orange & Spice. POMEGRANATE LINK   ORANGE LINK                             
  5. Multi-symptom cold medicine is a must. NyQuil, Tylenol Cold, Aleve Cold any of them work. Consider whether you need the behind the counter D version for the decongestant.
  6. Musinex! If you have drainage, you need Musinex.
  7. Clorox Wipes or Lysol. Everyone else doesn’t need to also be sick.
  8. Cough drops.
  9. Vicks rub or Vicks sticks LINK
  10. Diffuser or plug in.
  11. Neti pot if you are comfortable with those.
  12. Popsicles and if you can’t get out and get those you can keep freezer pops on hand. LINK


Advice my brother in law was given for the bad flu – go in the hottest shower you can stand and beat your chest as hard as you can to loosen it up and cough it out.

Can you think of anything else? Feel better soon!







Highlights week September 16 and 23.

So I’m not even good at doing a summary. Here is the fun from the last two weeks.

September 23

  • These amazing women in line to wash the clothes of the linemen working in Florida to restore power. LINK

See this line? All these ladies waited in line tonight to take loads of linemen’s laundry home. One lineman asked me what those ladies were standing in line for. When I told him they were waiting to be given laundry, with a look of sheer disbelief he said, “You gotta be kidding me.” What a great night. 💗#floridastrong — at Sebring International Raceway.

  • Are you the keeper of everything in your home? You are not alone and you are not invisible (mom -usually). LINK


  • What really happens to those over-the-top-dorm rooms on instagram LINK

  • The man that saved the world. Really worth the read for this Russian guy that got a report that the US had sent Nukes out. He made the right choice even though it went against all his training. LINK


  • This man seeing color for the first time. LINK


September 16

Did you see this photo of First Responders in Gainesville? The comments and the updates are hilarious. They are going to make a calendar. The Facebook page has other cities hardworking employees you might enjoy. LINK

Read all about the Nun with the chainsaw. LINK 

Check out this recipe for delicious Mississippi Pot Roast. LINK

This cat and the comments. LINK







Halloween On Netflix for Tweens.

What’s on Netflix, as always, subject to change.

The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Mickey’s House of Villains.

My Babysitter’s A Vampire.

Goosebumps – 5 seasons

R. L. Stine’s: The Haunting Hour, Mostly Ghostly, Monsterville

The Addams Family

The Corpse Bride

Hotel Transylvania 2

The Worst Witch

Scooby Doo



All Hallow’s Eve


Any other favorites for kids on Netflix?



Highlights Week of September 9th

I have had requests for weekly highlights of the fun things I find. I will try and post links and articles I found interesting.

I loved this article from the guys point of view about keeping in touch with their moms. LINK

The quotes on the link were hilarious.

“After watching my mother and one of her friends write their way around the mommy-blogging circuit, I had a realization: mothers are under the misapprehension that there is some reason that their grown sons are not communicating with them. 

Rest assured, we’re typically not keeping anything particularly important from you. 

After all, a significant portion of my day is usually spent texting dumb jokes to my friends, planning the optimal time to go to Chipotle, and staring at walls.

I was hoping to clear up some things for all of you mothers of grown sons out there, so you don’t have to bug your sons about them. Bros, you’re welcome – this should buy you at least a few minutes of extra staring at the wall time.”

I love this shirt that supports childhood cancer. Go Gold! LINK

A few of my favorite Harvey moments. 

  1. Coca-Cola let guys break into their location to “steal” water. LINK
  2. The Harvey album “Making the best of a bad situation”. LINK
  3. Donate to the Houston Flood Relief Fund (J.J. Watt’s fund) here. LINK
  4. These tips on if your house flooded. LINK
  5. This wedding picture.  LINK .

Keep your eyes on Irma.