In this uber-competitive, super-mom world unrealistic expectations are the norm. With that said, these super-mom meals look impressive, but don’t seem to require too much time or skill.

These bunny biscuits don’t look too hard.

For those more creative there are Cinnabunnies found here. Use the Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls from the refrigerated section at the grocery store. Add raisins as eyes and a few slivered almonds. My daughter thought they were adorable, and I think she might even be able to recreate this masterpiece.


Baseball Cap Basket


This might be my favorite Easter basket idea – you put everything IN a ball cap. I picture using one from your child’s favorite team, vacation spot or a cute monogrammed one. You can put everything inside the hat just like a basket, but it is all usable, waste free and doesn’t have to be candy if you don’t want it to be.


diy easter basket with baseball hats diy easter gift ideas handmade easter table decor ideas creativ-f56537

I found this image on Pinterest, but it had no identifying information. I tried a reverse search and couldn’t find the image source. If it is yours, I would love to give you credit.

A Living Wreath


This is a stunning wreath, and it would be perfect for my front door. It is so moist up there that moss grows on the porch. I doubt this would work for you if your door was sunny. On my back door they would dry out or cook. Might have to make this beauty after Easter. Watch the video here.





Kids still home? Are they ever going back to school? Looking for things to do? Here are a few things to keep the crazy away:

How about a karaoke party? Put their favorite songs on and let all the kids “Shake It Off” and jump around. Might be worth buying some gift cards and downloading some music from iTunes or Amazon.

Challenge your kids to write a story or play. Make puppets, costumes or whatever else they want to come up with. Record it with  your phone and share it with friends.

Print off Sudoku, crosswords, find a word or other puzzles. Keep their brains sharp.

Print off some coloring pages or creative doodling. Older kids might enjoy Zentangle. Find out how here.

Have a spa or bubble bath day. Get out the bubble bath, crayons, shaving cream or whatever is hiding in the drawers and let the kids have fun.

Write letters to mail to friends and family members. Everyone loves a little mail.

Go through the craft supplies and see if there are any kits you haven’t opened. I have found a few we have never tried waiting for the perfect day.

Let your kids FaceTime, call or email some friends that they haven’t seen for days and days.

Let your kids cook or bake. Find a new recipe online with things you have available. You can pick recipes by items on hand here.

Do a fashion shoot or show. It is a great way to get the Halloween costumes out again or see if your old clothes fit before summer.

Book downloads from the library. You can download MP3s or PDFs of books.

Build a pillow or sheet forts.

Have a tea party or a fancy dinner. Get out china and candles. Make it fun.

Try some online yoga or learn a new dance with videos.

Plan your garden. Ask the kids what they would like to grow and figure out how soon you have to plant it.

Go crazy and scream. ;) Spring will get here eventually.