Kids still home? Are they ever going back to school? Looking for things to do? Here are a few things to keep the crazy away:

How about a karaoke party? Put their favorite songs on and let all the kids “Shake It Off” and jump around. Might be worth buying some gift cards and downloading some music from iTunes or Amazon.

Challenge your kids to write a story or play. Make puppets, costumes or whatever else they want to come up with. Record it with  your phone and share it with friends.

Print off Sudoku, crosswords, find a word or other puzzles. Keep their brains sharp.

Print off some coloring pages or creative doodling. Older kids might enjoy Zentangle. Find out how here.

Have a spa or bubble bath day. Get out the bubble bath, crayons, shaving cream or whatever is hiding in the drawers and let the kids have fun.

Write letters to mail to friends and family members. Everyone loves a little mail.

Go through the craft supplies and see if there are any kits you haven’t opened. I have found a few we have never tried waiting for the perfect day.

Let your kids FaceTime, call or email some friends that they haven’t seen for days and days.

Let your kids cook or bake. Find a new recipe online with things you have available. You can pick recipes by items on hand here.

Do a fashion shoot or show. It is a great way to get the Halloween costumes out again or see if your old clothes fit before summer.

Book downloads from the library. You can download MP3s or PDFs of books.

Build a pillow or sheet forts.

Have a tea party or a fancy dinner. Get out china and candles. Make it fun.

Try some online yoga or learn a new dance with videos.

Plan your garden. Ask the kids what they would like to grow and figure out how soon you have to plant it.

Go crazy and scream. ;) Spring will get here eventually.





Teen and Up Valentines


With older kids, you have different Valentine options. No more classroom lists and paper cards for everyone. Now you get to get some nicer things for their actual friends. (Granted, this is all about girls. I doubt the dudes do anything.) These are also fun for your girlfriends at any age.

These EOS Lip Balm printable tags are a fun and a much needed product this time of year. You can print your tags here from Simple As That Blog.


Here is another EOS Valentine with a panda from Every Day Savvy.



Or this cute one that says “LOVE”



Sticking with lip balm, but moving on to Burt’s Bees with this adorable print from Zitsmanfam.

Meant to BEE Friends Valentine 3

This “You are mint to be my Valentine” is also cute, and is probably less expensive than the  EOS option. Add these printables to Tic Tacs from Simply Designing with Ashley Phipps. 



These cute Valentines work great for a gift of nail polish. This one from even has an idea for Jamberry nails.

printable nail valentines 2

This nail polish Valentine from The Crafted Sparrow claims “You are golden.”



Or you can be “toe-tally awesome” with this printable from Simply Kierste.




How fun are these from Redefined Mom? Mac and cheese!




Spring is coming


Forsythia says it is almost Spring to me. It has been cold and grey here for days. I am just dreaming of Spring. This simple arrangement from House of Fifty. I think that is one of the best aspects about forsythia. You just stick a bunch of stems in a vase and call it an arrangement.



Another great thing about forsythia is that you can easily force it to bloom inside. Here are some tips to make that work from


Forsythia are also deer resistant. I mean deer can eat anything, but they typically don’t like forsythia. Find other deer resistant plants here from



I grew up with a forsythia hedge as a property divider. I loved everything about it except that the branches made great switches. Boy that was a different time.


Christmas Ornament Memories



When we were putting up the tree today, my daughter asked me the story behind some of our crazy ornaments. Why I had a little pile of special ornaments and another pile of similar ornaments that didn’t make the cut for the tree. That got me thinking. I bet no one but me could tell you about all the ornaments on our tree.

I am going to take pictures of our special ornaments. When I have got them all photographed, I am going to print out thumbnail views or small wallet-sized pictures. Then the documentation will start. If I can remember I will include how we got the ornament – gift, store, special occasion. Why we got the ornament – special vacation, special time in our life or just for fun. And then I will add any other memories. Some girls in my husband’s office got us a mommy-to-be ornament in 2002. We purchased a jingle bell in 2001 from a store in Cleveland, Ohio. We have I <3 NYC from a New York Christmas trip,  Mickey ears from a Walt Disney World trip, a flip-flop from the U.S. Virgin Island and lots of other fun memories.

No, this isn’t a necessity. Yes, it is just one more thing to do this busy time of year, but once the photographs have been take, it can be done any time of year.

Post-It Frames


Browsing my long list of teacher gifts on Pinterest, which you can access here, I came across this gem from Paper Wings.

Is it cute? Check. Does it look easy? Check. Should it be fairly inexpensive? Check. All my requirements are met, and then to sweeten the deal, Staples had 18 packs of sticky notes for $5 this week. All that meant was that I had to track down acrylic frames I thought. She got hers at Dollar Tree, but there were none to be found when I went looking at the three nearish to me. I got two at Joanne’s for $1.19 each and a few at Hobby Lobby for $1.99. I also found them at Kohl’s. They were twice to price, but on sale 50% off and an additional store sale. I think that made them $1.79.

Since I had yellow sticky notes, I picked some coordinating paper and grabbed my beloved Fisker’s paper cutter. The 12×12 paper cuts into 6-4×6 pieces. I cut the trim paper 1×4. I used double-sided tape to hold the paper in place, and I put some double-sided tape on the back of the sticky notes for extra support. You might need to halve the sticky pad if it seems to heavy.

Next you grab some ribbon, tie a bow and if you are like me, you are finished. The example on Pinterest included some cute tags. I might go back and do that, but right now they look just fine.

Pine cone Turkeys and Tress


The Wool Acorn has a kit to make this cute Christmas tree. You can find it here. Or you can use something similar with mini pom-pons.


Kids can paint pinecones to add to any of your decor. Here is a cute example from Mothersniche.


Turkey Options for Thanksgiving are as follows:

This one from Jinxy Kids uses feathers. I found a bag of assorted feathers at Hobby Lobby.



Catch My Party featured this turkey with crayon tail feathers.



Lady Sandra has these cute google eye birds.



Family Fresh Cooking has this great pinecone center piece.



This turkey from Susan B. Anderson has leaf tail feathers.



Here is a hub pages link with tons of ideas.