Candy Alternatives For Classrooms

Unlike most people, I think if you don’t want your kids to get candy, don’t take them trick-or-treating. With that said, the classroom doesn’t always want or need anymore candy.  It is hard for me to come up with good alternatives, because a lot of the other “Made in China” junk gets tossed at our house. Here are a few ideas that might work in your mad scramble to send it treats for Thursday.

Finger Flashlights are a great little treat for classrooms. I ordered them off Amazon, but I have seen them in a 4-pack at Dollar Tree.


Boys and girls both enjoy festive party beads. Colors like black, orange and gold are prefect for Halloween.


Army Parachuters are fun for all ages.


Glow In The Dark Bugs are always fun to use to scare moms and little sisters.

Pirate Eye Patches fascinate the littles.

Who doesn’t love an adhesive mustache?


Any one that knew me as a child knows how much I loved my vampire teeth.


Play-doh works well for most ages. This bag is for Halloween.


Bubbles make kids of all ages happy.

Plastic spiders are a Halloween favorite.


Plastic skeletons are fun.

Pretzels, gummies, pencils and leftovers from birthday party gift bags always work too. Just remember one man’s treat is another man’s junk.

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