My Favorite Summer things

I am not sure why I love summer. I think I love that it stays light until 10. It just gives you a lot longer to get things done. Summer requires different items than winter. Summer is all about cool drinks, flip flops, and being outside.  Since summer in the south is already here, I have been purchasing my summer items. School gets out next week and we are ready to go. What do you need to call it a summer?

I love Ice Breakers Cube Sugar Lemon Gum is fun and refreshing. It is a different flavor than your usual gum. I usually grab this at Kroger or Walmart.




I love Teva’s Mush Wedge Flip Flops. I have some foot problems, and I can no longer wear unsupported flats for long periods of time. These flip flops are the perfect height and allow me to enjoy flip flops again. I usually go through two pairs a summer.  You can find them here. 


My good friend Sal introduced me to red wine with Sprite. It tastes like Sangria without any of the labor. It is a great summer drink. By diluting your wine, you aren’t exposed to nearly the same amount of alcohol. This is helpful to keep you safe. The Bota RedVolution is a nice boxed wine. This is great for taking wine places that don’t allow glass.








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