Clever Fall ideas

I spent some time reading the Fall Home Tour from a group of bloggers I follow. I really enjoyed the tour because the home and ideas mostly looked like things I could accomplish. Some times the ideas are so far beyond my skills, tastes, budget, style or home type. You still enjoy window shopping, but there won’t be any of it you use in your own home.

The first idea I loved was from Dio Home Improvements, and it is really simple. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it as soon as I saw it – put a wreath on the back of your door. My front door is usually closed, and we come and go through the garage. I may only see my wreath a few times a week. By putting a wreath on the backside of the door I can see it all the time.


What Megan Makes had this beautiful wreath made from book pages. I love it, and think it would fit in nicely at my home.



Acorns are my new favorite fall item. It might be because we moved to a home that doesn’t have them dropping all over our yard anymore. That really might be it, but regardless this from Mrs. Hines Class is adorable.


If you are a monogram everything kind of girl, I also loved this cheap and easy idea to make a monogrammed pumpkin. Use felt!  Visit Fresh Idea Studio to see how she made it. I also like the chalkboard, and you can find better pictures on her blog.


Postcards From The Ridge had two things I need to get by next year, and they are both acorns! I loved both the felted acorns and the glass bead ones. Both acorn groups came from Etsy, but you can find the link on her page. Such cute ideas.

DSC_0358    DSC_0379

Here are all the blogs that are included on the tour. You can follow links from any of the sites I linked to above. I didn’t find any easy link page.


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