Making Christmas Easier – Christmas Cards


I know many people have discontinued sending Christmas cards. I have not. I tend to send cards to three groups of people. The first group is close friends and family that want the cute photo card. The second group is simply “Christmas Card Friends” that  if I didn’t send a card, we have no contact at all. I feel that old college roommate or neighbor from my childhood is worth the dollar it costs to send out a card. The third group I classify as people who appreciate the card, because they don’t expect it. This category consists of my close friend’s parents, old school teachers, former babysitters and other people who really enjoy keeping up with us.

One of the big stressers in my house at Christmas is finding a picture for the Christmas card. Look through all your pictures since last Christmas, and see if there is something you can use for your card. If you find one you even tolerate, online photo cards are a lot cheaper now, the line at Sam’s Club is short, and the machine isn’t broken yet.  Life is good.

If you don’t find a picture you like, go out and take some. Schedule a photographer, go to a public display, or throw up your Christmas wreath to take some pictures. You don’t have to have the full holiday display. Give your kids one plastic ornament and poof, it’s Christmas! I also suggested yesterday that you can use those pictures with Santa from the mall or your local Bass Pro Shop.

Look through your address book and contact any people who might have moved and get correct addresses. There is nothing more frustrating than getting cards returned the week after Christmas because you forgot they moved and sent it to the address from last year.

Any other great tips for making Christmas cards easier?

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