Baseball Cap Basket

This might be my favorite Easter basket idea – you put everything IN a ball cap. I picture using one from your child’s favorite team, vacation spot or a cute monogrammed one. You can put everything inside the hat just like a basket, but it is all usable, waste free and doesn’t have to be candy if you don’t want it to be.


diy easter basket with baseball hats diy easter gift ideas handmade easter table decor ideas creativ-f56537

I found this image on Pinterest, but it had no identifying information. I tried a reverse search and couldn’t find the image source. If it is yours, I would love to give you credit.


  1. Elizabeth · March 4, 2016

    Depends on the age: I am thinking older kids would want gift cards, earbuds, chapstick, sunglasses, perfume/cologne, socks, hair stuff, makeup, money and whatever else you put in things like this.

  2. Small Town Girl Big On Frugalness · January 11, 2016

    What all do you think would look cute inside of the hats?

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