Making Christmas Simple – Mall Santa Pictures


Go as soon as possible for your official Santa pictures. Go first thing in the morning and go during the week if you are at all able. This will make your Christmas so much easier. Yes, your kids will want to see him 10 more times, but you will have already had pictures made. It won’t matter if they have ketchup all over their face or mismatched clothes. If the line is WAY too long you can sneak a note to one of his elves there from the line if you have already visited earlier in the season. Unfortunately I have stood too many times in the December twenty-something line for hours and hours because well, there is no more time to go see Santa.

In our area, Santa is showing up this Thursday, November 7th.  Yes, it is crazy to see Santa before December, but if your child is small enough not to know the difference go for it! His suit will be nice and germ-free compared to late December.  AND if you go ahead and buy the ridiculously expensive photo disc you can make that picture your Christmas card and that is checked off early too.

You can find a Simon Santa here.  You can get a special coupon for four extra wallets from participating Noerr locations here.



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