Post-It Frames

Browsing my long list of teacher gifts on Pinterest, which you can access here, I came across this gem from Paper Wings.

Is it cute? Check. Does it look easy? Check. Should it be fairly inexpensive? Check. All my requirements are met, and then to sweeten the deal, Staples had 18 packs of sticky notes for $5 this week. All that meant was that I had to track down acrylic frames I thought. She got hers at Dollar Tree, but there were none to be found when I went looking at the three nearish to me. I got two at Joanne’s for $1.19 each and a few at Hobby Lobby for $1.99. I also found them at Kohl’s. They were twice to price, but on sale 50% off and an additional store sale. I think that made them $1.79.

Since I had yellow sticky notes, I picked some coordinating paper and grabbed my beloved Fisker’s paper cutter. The 12×12 paper cuts into 6-4×6 pieces. I cut the trim paper 1×4. I used double-sided tape to hold the paper in place, and I put some double-sided tape on the back of the sticky notes for extra support. You might need to halve the sticky pad if it seems to heavy.

Next you grab some ribbon, tie a bow and if you are like me, you are finished. The example on Pinterest included some cute tags. I might go back and do that, but right now they look just fine.

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