Christmas Ornament Memories


When we were putting up the tree today, my daughter asked me the story behind some of our crazy ornaments. Why I had a little pile of special ornaments and another pile of similar ornaments that didn’t make the cut for the tree. That got me thinking. I bet no one but me could tell you about all the ornaments on our tree.

I am going to take pictures of our special ornaments. When I have got them all photographed, I am going to print out thumbnail views or small wallet-sized pictures. Then the documentation will start. If I can remember I will include how we got the ornament – gift, store, special occasion. Why we got the ornament – special vacation, special time in our life or just for fun. And then I will add any other memories. Some girls in my husband’s office got us a mommy-to-be ornament in 2002. We purchased a jingle bell in 2001 from a store in Cleveland, Ohio. We have I ❤ NYC from a New York Christmas trip,  Mickey ears from a Walt Disney World trip, a flip-flop from the U.S. Virgin Island and lots of other fun memories.

No, this isn’t a necessity. Yes, it is just one more thing to do this busy time of year, but once the photographs have been take, it can be done any time of year.

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