Teen and Up Valentines

With older kids, you have different Valentine options. No more classroom lists and paper cards for everyone. Now you get to get some nicer things for their actual friends. (Granted, this is all about girls. I doubt the dudes do anything.) These are also fun for your girlfriends at any age.

These EOS Lip Balm printable tags are a fun and a much needed product this time of year. You can print your tags here from Simple As That Blog.


Here is another EOS Valentine with a panda from Every Day Savvy.



Or this cute one that says “LOVE” MommaDot.com.



Sticking with lip balm, but moving on to Burt’s Bees with this adorable print from Zitsmanfam.

Meant to BEE Friends Valentine 3

This “You are mint to be my Valentine” is also cute, and is probably less expensive than the  EOS option. Add these printables to Tic Tacs from Simply Designing with Ashley Phipps. 



These cute Valentines work great for a gift of nail polish. This one from Persialou.com even has an idea for Jamberry nails.

printable nail valentines www.persialou.com 2

This nail polish Valentine from The Crafted Sparrow claims “You are golden.”



Or you can be “toe-tally awesome” with this printable from Simply Kierste.




How fun are these from Redefined Mom? Mac and cheese!




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